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Signs of a weak immune system


Signs of a weak immune system


We all know that our body is a perfect machine that sends us signals when something is not going as it should. 

The issue here is that we can mislead those signals and end up ignoring them, causing much more damage.

When our body’s immune defences lower, we call it immunosuppression. People who suffer from it have an immune system which is less effective in reacting against pathogens. This could be genetic (hence given by a gene defect), iatrogenic (given by a specific drug or medication) or simply given by external factors (indeed the most common form).

I would like to linger over the last type I mention, which I think may involve the majority of people out there.

Factors like stress, unbalanced diet, change of season, drastic lifestyle change and lack of physical activity can all impact our body’s response to external attacks.

The big question is: can we detect signs of a weak immune system? Yes, and here are some of them:


I think that feeling chronically tired has happened to everyone at least once, am I right?

But this feeling can be the underlying cause of a frail and weak immune system. 

Recent studies have shown that if the immune system has been altered, this could lead to an impairment in the body storage of energy. And there it is, you will start feeling low and tired all of a sudden. This could also be linked with muscle ache and struggle to focus and concentrate, even on simple tasks. 

The mechanisms of action are still not entirely clear, but what is for sure is that people who constantly suffer from tiredness and asthenia do have an impaired number of white blood cells, the real “guardians” of our defences.


If your immune defences are low, you are more prone to develop infections frequently.

Normally, the areas affected are the upper airways (which can cause otitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis) and skin which is generally breaking out with herpes and cold sores. 


Frequent headache is commonly linked with an immune system that is overloaded and cannot efficiently get rid of toxins. We have to bear in mind that headache is commonly a red flag for a more serious condition, so my suggestion will be not to ignore it, especially if it’s recurrent.

A simple solution to overcome immunosuppression is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, avoid stressful situations and pay attention to the foods we are eating.

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