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Sun exposure and Vitamin D


Sun exposure and Vitamin D


Sunbathing may have some health benefits if done properly.

There’s a major difference between going outside for 10 minutes without sunscreen and regularly spending time in a tanning bed.

The risks of too much sun exposure are well-documented. Spending time in the sun without SPF is one cause of melanoma, among other conditions.

However, high doses of vitamin D (when exposed to sunlight, our skin turns cholesterol to vitamin D)  have been shown to help prevent certain common ailments and diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency is common and some estimates say that 1 person worldwide is deficient.

Vitamin D can be difficult to get from food alone. The benefits of sunlight and vitamin D include:

Reduced depression, better sleep, stronger bones, boosted immune system, lowered preterm labour risk.

But remember, always wear your SPF (at least 30) about 15 mins before sun exposure, stay hydrated and eat tomatoes which contain large amounts of lycopene, which research has found helps prevent skin redness from UV rays.

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