Does what you eat influence your health?

The Pearly nutritionist shares her tips for living clean & the philosophy behind creating the perfect instant smoothie.

Diet trends are bound to come and go, but almost ironically, misconceptions about what is healthy seem to hang around long beyond their time. From fad diets to zany theories about certain foods, it can be hard to find the facts and cut through all the noise.

“A common misconception is that fruits and vegetables cannot be made delicious” says the nutritionist behind our line of power-packed instant smoothies. “Pearly smoothies aim to change that perception, bring back the balance, and disrupt the market with natural, high nutrient fruit and vegetable smoothies.” She believes that the right ingredients in the right quantities can be effective without sacrificing flavor, and went to work formulating the Pearly line with that mission in mind. 

“The goal was to have the perfect balance of both, and I think we have achieved that with these smoothies.” she says. The Pearly team knew it was possible to create nutrient rich smoothies that were refreshing and full of natural goodness, and each flavor is specifically formulated for the most impactful results.

Pearly Smoothies: Formulated for Your Lifestyle

At Pearly, we’re passionate about wellness, and committed to doing things right. That’s why we built our brand in the kitchen and in the lab. We believe in science and know that living clean is a lot easier when it matches your lifestyle and tastes great. 

“Pearly is unique in the fact that each formula is nutritionist designed to give you the most nutrients for their purpose - to help you have a delicious, natural addition to your diet and also see and feel the beneficial results.”  

Our nutritionist goes on to explain that the old high calorie, milk based smoothies are a thing of the past. “The truth is, a smoothie can be a blend of fruits, vegetables, and additional ingredients like protein,” she says. “Spices like cinnamon are generally used for sweeter treats and desserts, but nutritionally and clinically, they have a wide variety of health benefits which can be achieved from daily consumption.” Other “secret” ingredients she loves to work into a recipe – tomatoes and leafy greens. “They have full-spectrum multivitamin properties, and in the right mixes and balances, provide you essential daily nutrients that taste good.”

Finding Balance On the Go: Small Changes & Big Results

“In our daily lives, balance is key,” she notes. “We all live fast paced, busy lives which don't always allow us to prepare or choose the right foods.” It’s these small, everyday choices that ultimately determine our daily nutrient intake, she explains. “Pearly uses only natural freeze-dried fruit powders which have the highest nutritional value, so that we know we can give you the most nutritionally loaded smoothies to complement your daily routine and lifestyle.”

Though it can be tempting to try extreme cleanses or single food diets to reboot your digestive health, our nutritionist suggests a subtler approach. “Start small, make small long term changes to your diet such as increasing water intake, or increasing high fiber fruits and vegetables in the diet or in a smoothie supplement form.” she suggests. “Our gut is sensitive, doing harsh detoxes can lead to more issues than what they are worth. Make slower, long term changes that you will stick to.” she says, rather than chasing instant relief or fleeting results. 

Like many health experts, the Pearly nutritionist warns against hopping on dietary trends that may have been distorted as they were passed along online. “These things get taken out of proportion with the media, and people always want quick results. So, any trend offering a quick benefit generally does not last and is not recommended.” she advises. “All changes should be gradual and sustainable for these best results.”

For long term changes you can stick to, she suggests finding foods and supplements that you can work into your life on the go. At Pearly, we know that convenience, flavor, and good nutrition make the ultimate dream team. And when the big three excuses are out of the way, clean living is easier than you might think.

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